Diet is like paying debt

As an overweight person, attempting to lose weight has always been a battle throughout my
life. I cannot remember when did it start but I can still remember the pain it brought me.
However, throughout the struggle, I have figured out one thing: going on a diet is just like
paying a debt. You “borrowed” some calories over your daily suggested value and you have to
pay the “interest” and the “debt”. The “interest” here is, of course, the illness and shame
brought by obesity.

Eating too much for a meal or two may not be a problem but once it
accumulates, one can never afford the price. Just like when you have a large debt, the
interest is going to weigh you down. Going on a diet is just like paying off your over-eaten
“debt” in the past.

I want to inform all the people nationwide that they do not have to
burden such “debt” in the first place. I want to do that before the “debt” is too big for them.
Once you over-ate just eat less in the next time immediately. Don’t let the debt grow larger
that someday you can no longer afford. Vice versa, as you start to exercise, you will
acknowledge all the benefits are included in the package including being healthy and more
confident. That’s the interest you get for “saving”.

So why not start changing today?

By Yifan Chen

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