2018 Summer Tour Review

Keisha Blount, Head of Public Engagement     11:00a (EST)

2018 had an upgraded approach throughout the tour that brought more eyes, hands, and influence.  Ironically it also brought a drop in this summer’s overall attendance.    With the addition of new cities, new partners and new team members the tour had to find its groove.  “We successfully experienced a growth transition and weathered a storm at the same time, says Ron Davis, Program Director.  Having a well-oiled system and amazing supporters is great but like having a championship team in sports, on paper you still have to gel and figure out how everyone clicks as a unit.  Our data collection was through the roof and the relationships we’ve created will mature and only improve operations.”

“The tour saw 700+ kids through the summer, I remember when we only had 20 -30 show up!”  Davis continues.  DIG aims to motivate and involve more community and corporate groups over the fall and winter season.  The more people know they can do the greater the turnout.”  The OP program provides development, positivity, fun, competition and is affordable; a great combination to encourage people to attend.  “Developing youth still involves developing adults, says Cortney Gould, DIG VP.”  “We as adults can do many things better as adults, which will rub off or be passed down to the youth like a waterfall.”

Fall Impact Day events will kick off at the end of October and through mid-December.  More details and dates will be available soon.  To inquire about the 2019 #MakeAnImpact Tour hosted in your area or to find out how you can #MakeAnImpact contact board@digsimpact.org.

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