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We create opportunities for student-athletes.
We create opportunities for corporate brands.
We create opportunities for Athletes.
We #impact the community as a whole.

to TEACH the student-athlete the ABC approach to become a successful student, a dependable athlete, and an accountable individual. To TRAIN not only the best athletes in the COUNTRY but also create the opportunities each student-athlete deserves to exceed the potential they possess. Aid the student-athlete to COMPETE in life with the same focus, determination, and preparedness that we exhibit in sports and entertainment.

  • Athlete and Speaker Fees

  • Impact Meal Expenses

  • Swag Bag Inserts

  • Staff Room & Board

  • Staff stipend

  • Entertainment

  • Travel Expenses

  • Youth Sponsorships

Each city a youth organization is selected and sponsored to participate in each city.  Our capacity is 100 donated slots.  With donations and extra support, we can grow this number to our consistent goal of 500 for each event.

To increase involvement with the Optimum Prep Program, heighten the awareness and the ability to exercise Corporate Social Responsibility with small businesses, entrepreneurs, large corporations, and local communities.

Following 2018 Summer Tour we will begin preparaion for sustainability project for 2019 program operations