Our Mission

KAN Do Hoops is committed to teaching fundamental basketball skills to boys and girls of all ages.  Our goal is to not only teach basketball skills using drills in a positive environment but also to promote each athlete’s attitude, character, team concept and just overall philosophy of the game.  KAN Do Hoops will utilize skills and drills clinics, player development clinics, practice, league play/tournaments, private lessons and camps developing players.


To secure a dynamic and sustainable future for the Willowbrook community and its individual members through intergenerational stability, economic development, and civic engagement.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is simple, “Find your career that can lead to your passion”. At Learnza we believe in lifelong learning and the pursuit of academic excellence whether it be SAT, ACT or High-school Math, Science classes or even Study Skill Development!

Who We Are

Operation Lunchbox centralizes out of the metro-Atlanta area, while also having several drop-offs and pick-up locations spread across the country.  They provide non-perishable foods for children in the Atlanta region weekly. We work with the schools to provide bags for children to take home through the week. We strive to be a constant in the lives of these children so that they have confidence that there will be something in the pantry for them when they are hungry and so that they know that their friends and neighbors are here to lend a hand when help is needed. We all have needs, and we are all charged to care for our neighbors. Please search your hearts and help us to bring smiles to the faces of these children who aren’t oceans away but are in your backyard, they are friends with your children, and in some tough circumstances, their story is yours.