Student-Athlete Development Program



Mentorship is a powerful tool to assist you through growth and development. We learn by doing, we learn by listening and we learn by leading others.



There are scholarships around the country that are available in different capacities. Utilize your abilities and skills to promote yourself to the next level.



Play 2 WIN! Whether in LIFE or in COMPETITION, everyone isn’t granted the same opportunity. Prepare now!

OP Impact Leader Workshops

The purpose of this workshop is to educate and assure better volunteers, development of referee’s as well as coaches. Athletic technique and verbiage breakdown for all volunteers and coaches will be exhibited. Workshops on proper development technique and skill training for the adult will help them display a greater understanding of developing their athletes regardless of ability or sport.

AR Seminar Series

The OP Network and Affiliates will provide schools, youth groups, and selected communities the opportunity to experience our cause and affect outreach initiative. This is predominantly a Q & A modeled activity scheduled into a 1 – 3 day series of events. Mentorship occurs within the schools and the community with the desired theme selected by the OP Network

Optimum Prep Youth Athletic Development Groups

These activities will occur once or twice a week with Optimum Prep (OP) Mentors. Each session will consist of Athletic Development, health and wellness guidance, education skills, and financial literacy skills. Student-athletes enhance and sharpen their athletic skills while experiencing life management skills learned from those athletic principles.

OP Community Impact

These events bridge the gap between corporate social responsibility and the student-athlete, enhance transferable skills, and assist each child in being a quality community leader. This adds a mutual denominator that will build accountability, focus, togetherness, and trust inside of the community.

Active Development Levels

Get Active

Introductory course perfect for non-active kids who just need to MOVE! Emphasis will be placed on general fitness exercises including stretching, walking, running, and fun cardio activities. No previous experience in organized sports is required.
OP takes time and patience to help lead these newbies so that their confidence grows as their understanding grows.

Beyond The Basics

A mid-level course designed for the child who has a recreational interest in sports and/or fitness. Emphasis will be placed on sharpening skills and building confidence in a variety of sporting and fitness activities. Team-building is essential.
OP urges BTB level participants to push themselves while also re-learning “Get Active” level techniques and principles.

Elite Performance

Advanced course for the competitive athlete. Kids will be introduced to collegiate and professional skills and techniques. A mind/body commitment is required as these serious athletes work on growth and development in pursuit of elite fitness abilities and possible collegiate opportunities.
OP is here to assist in refining their athletic abilities and move to the next level in their performance.

Learning Levels


Bringing fun interactive Math activities and games with physically active engagement


Bringing fun interactive reading activities and games with physically active engagement

Financial Literacy

Educating through books, cartoons, and workshops

Character Development

Taking the lessons of sports and education to shape life

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